The stories feathers tell us

The feather I’m holding in my hand once belonged to a Wild Turkey (Meleagris gallopavo). I found it on the short-cut grass

The stories feathers tell us2020-09-17T11:10:50+00:00

Proper Snake Etiquette

I don’t think about snakes very often. I don’t go looking for snakes on purpose. When I find one, it’s always a

Proper Snake Etiquette2020-09-17T11:10:06+00:00

Froggie went a-courting

  The frog sunning himself on my deck table this spring morning is not the swashbuckling hero of the rollicking folk song

Froggie went a-courting2020-09-17T11:08:58+00:00

The bird who watches us

With keen ears, keen eyes, binoculars, and cameras, my friends and I are ready to watch the birds. On Wednesday mornings we

The bird who watches us2020-09-17T11:05:55+00:00
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