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Nancy Grant’s latest book (publication details to be announced in 2018) features her recent travel experiences as a birdwatcher and field naturalist exploring new habitats. This new book is the first in a planned series of travelogues that combine natural history insights with adventure anecdotes presented in a well-paced conversational style. Additional books will follow at twelve- to eighteen-month intervals.

Grant says, “Writing books is long, intensive process. Every book presents its own challenges in time management to gather research, organize the flow of ideas, write and polish the text, then select illustrations. The reward for months of concentrated effort is when the book is in print—and I get to chat with readers at book signings and other meet-and-greet events.”

Nancy Grant writes informative nonfiction books and is a member of the American Society of Journalists and Authors. For book-length projects, she is represented by a literary agent who handles all inquiries, proposals, negotiations, and contracts. For further details, please send an email to nsgrant@bellsouth.net.

Grant’s previous books were written at the request of the publishers according to their specifications. In 2008, drawing on her background as an expert in the electric utility industry, she wrote the Pocket Idiot’s Guide to Your Carbon Footprint in the popular series of quick reference books from a division of Penguin. Grant also wrote the science and technology sections of Frozen State, a book about the catastrophic 2009 ice storm and the recovery efforts to restore power after Kentucky’s most extensive natural disaster.

During the early 1990s Grant wrote two photo essay books published by a division of Random House and contributed to a compendium of writing advice published by HarperCollins.

Although these older books are now out of print, they’re often available on secondary markets. To read a description of the books listed below, simply click on the title to find information from press releases and jacket blurbs when they were originally published.

Frozen State: The deadly beauty of the 2009 ice storm and the heroic story of how Kentuckians fought back

By a team that included Nancy Grant, Robin Roenker, and Debra Gibson
(2009) Published by Kentucky Living magazine and the Kentucky Association of Electric Cooperatives

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The Pocket Idiot’s Guide to Your Carbon Footprint 

By Nancy Grant
(2008) Published by Alpha/Penguin USA

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Old Glory: A History and Celebration

By Nancy Grant
(1992) Published by Crescent Books, a division of Random House

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Christmas in America

By Nancy Grant
(1991) Published by Crescent Books, a division of Random House

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Tools of the Writer’s Trade

Contributions by Nancy Grant and other members of the American Society of Journalists and Authors, edited by Dodi Schultz
(1991) Published by HarperCollins

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*All Photos by Nancy Grant unless otherwise credited.