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Nancy Grant’’s field studies include much more than birds. As a field naturalist, she’’s been investigating the plant and animal communities at her home farm near Louisville, Kentucky, for more than two decades, identifying more than 600 living organisms at the species level. Her field notebooks and nature journals include hundreds of photographs and drawings of individual specimens observed throughout each season of the year. Grant also travels extensively throughout the Ohio River Valley and the eastern United States to study birds and explore the habitats they use during migration and their breeding seasons.

By special arrangement, Grant leads nature rambles in public parks and for private groups in other locations. She is available to give custom presentations to civic groups and other organizations to introduce people to the natural history of the Ohio River Valley, with a special emphasis on places to go exploring in publicly accessible areas in the metro Louisville and southern Indiana area.

Grant is now booking the following presentations for 2018, and welcomes inquiries.

Please call Nancy Grant at 502 641-9614 to reserve your date now.

On the feathered trail. Bird apps and field guides and binoculars, oh, my!

If you’re just getting started watching birds you might be overwhelmed by all the information that’s out there. How do you sort through it all to find what you really want to know?

Designed for beginners, this friendly presentation keeps things fun and exciting, with practical tips for enjoying the birds you see in any season, and plenty of time for questions and answers. Let’s go birding!

What’s going on outdoors today? Exploring nature at the pace that suits your physical abilities

You don’t have to be a long-distance hiker to enjoy the plants and animals in our area. Indeed, you don’t have to walk at all—you can have fun outdoors while sitting still. Many of our public parks have ADA-compliant observation areas that are easily accessible to all. Whatever your abilities or mobility level, there are plenty of places in the Louisville metro area and southern Indiana where you can get up close and personal with cool critters and pretty plants.

This presentation highlights where to have the most fun, and no previous outdoor experience is necessary. Whether you have twenty minutes or three hours to spare—you can get involved at whatever level suits you.

Shhh! The secret worlds of nature in the Ohio River Valley. Do you know how many different kinds of habitats exist within fifty miles of downtown Louisville?

This insider’s guide to the astonishing variety of birds and butterflies and beetles that live in the Ohio River Valley will surprise you. You’ll enjoy an overview of the differences among the plant communities in local forests, swamps, fields, and marshes—and a peek at some of the animals who live there during each season of the year.

*All Photos by Nancy Grant unless otherwise credited.