Nancy Grant studies much more than birds. As a field naturalist, she’s been investigating the plant and animal communities at her home farm near Louisville, Kentucky, for more than two decades, identifying more than 600 living organisms at the species level. Her field notebooks and nature journals include hundreds of photographs and drawings of individual specimens observed throughout each season of the year. Nancy also travels extensively throughout the Ohio River Valley and the eastern United States to explore the habitats birds use during migration and their breeding seasons.

Nancy Grant’s newest book, Binge Birding: Twenty Days with Binoculars,  is now available at As you read, you’ll be right on the scene finding birds with Nancy, and learning about their lives and the habitats they choose. In this well-paced travelogue, you’ll also pick up fresh ideas for your own birdwatching fun anywhere, anytime.

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Do you need a leader for an outdoor nature ramble or a speaker for an indoor event? Nancy Grant, “The Friendly Birder,” currently offers these three programs:

On the feathered trail — Birding the friendly way

Field notes your way — Lists and photos and posts, oh, my!

Shhh! The secret worlds of nature in the Ohio River Valley

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Nancy is now booking presentations for 2020 and 2021, and welcomes inquiries.

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On the feathered trail

Birding the friendly way

In today’s high tech world, beginning birders can jump right in to access a vast pool of information on their cell phones. Photos, songs, digital maps–it’s all great. But where’s the human connection?

This entertaining presentation is designed as a keynote speech that keeps things fun and exciting, and includes plenty of time for questions and answers. Nancy’s talk is designed to welcome newcomers and more experienced birders to the global birding community, and help them safely make local and international connections.

Let’s go birding together!

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Field notes your way

Lists and photos and posts–oh, my!

In this fun and practical talk, Nancy Grant shares easy tips and tricks to help you organize your photos, life lists, and all the quirky little bits and pieces of information you’ve been accumulating. You don’t have to be a computer geek to keep track of your treasured birding memories and outdoor discoveries–all you need is a plan and some simple guidelines. She shows you how to gather it all together in ways that make sense for your personal goals and can help you preserve memories that will always bring a smile.

This presentation is designed as a break-out session during birding festivals, and fits into a 50-minute slot with time for questions and answers.

Shhh! The secret worlds of nature in the Ohio River Valley

What can you discover along the 981 miles of the Ohio River’s banks?

This insider’s guide to the astonishing variety of birds, butterflies, beetles, and larger animals that live along the river will surprise you. You’ll explore forests, swamps, urban areas, fields, and marshes–and take a peek at what happens in these habitats during each season of the year. You’ll also learn about how regional weather events affect migration.

Nancy Grant includes recommendations for notable wildlife refuges and parks to visit, and tips for having the most fun exploring any new habitat at any time of the year.

This program is designed as an indoor presentation and includes a slide show with photos by Nancy Grant. By special arrangement, Nancy Grant will also lead an outdoor nature ramble for up to 15 participants.

*All Photos by Nancy Grant unless otherwise credited.