Nancy Grant studies much more than birds. As a field naturalist she explores habitats to study the relationships within communities of plants and animals, and how they are interconnected. She examines why birds choose a particular place during their breeding seasons, as well as what they need during migration and the winter months. She travels extensively throughout the Ohio River Valley and the eastern United States during all seasons of the year.

At her home near Louisville, Kentucky she’s been carefully observing and documenting the life on her old farm for more than twenty years. Her field notebooks and nature journals include photographs and drawings of more than 600 species of living organisms including birds, insects, mammals, trees, wildflowers, fungi, and more, with new discoveries added each year.

In Nancy Grant’s newest book, Binge Birding: Twenty Days with Binoculars, you’ll be right on the scene with her as she travels along the Texas Gulf Coast, discovering birds and exploring the habitats they choose. You’ll also pick up fresh ideas for your own birdwatching fun anywhere, any season.

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Do you need a leader for an outdoor nature ramble or a speaker for an indoor event or virtual gathering? Nancy Grant, “The Friendly Birder,” is an independent speaker available for presentations at regional, national, and international gatherings.

All Nancy’s programs are carefully customized to suit the needs of meeting planners and their audiences.

Nancy’s current presentations, suitable for all locations, include:

Hummingbirds and Flowers: A Love-Love Relationship

Where the Birds Are: Exploring Kentucky’s Varied Habitats

Enjoying Birds: A Chat with The Friendly Birder

Birds on the Move: How Do Birds Migrate?

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Nancy is now booking presentations (in-person or virtual) for 2023 and 2024, and welcomes inquiries.

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Hummingbirds and Flowers: A Love-Love Relationship

Did you know that Ruby-throated Hummingbirds are plant pollinators? Bees and other insects get all the PR, but hummingbirds play a unique role as the pollinators for certain native plants. The relationship between hummingbirds and flowers is an intricate story — and it’s a love affair that benefits both. How do birds recognize good nectar sources? Why do some plants want to attract birds instead of insects? And what does it all have to do with seed production?

With color photos and engaging stories, Nancy offers fascinating insights into the private lives of Ruby-throated Hummingbirds. In this presentation you’ll understand what it’s like to be a hummingbird and discover intimate details about their lifestyle.

This program is available anywhere, anytime throughout the United States.

Where the Birds Are: Exploring Kentucky’s Varied Habitats

Sure you know the robin, hummingbird, and owl. But did you know that Kentucky’s bird life includes more than 300 other species? Who are they? Where are they? And why do they choose the Bluegrass State to nest and raise young during summer, spend a few winter months in the state, or visit during their long migration journeys? If you’re a bird, what’s so great about Kentucky’s habitats?

In this presentation, lavishly illustrated with her color photos, Nancy provides fascinating insights into the lives of Kentucky’s birds throughout the seasons. While sharing stories about searching for birds in all regions, she provides practical tips for more outdoor fun. This program is suitable for explorers of all levels of experience. Come along for an adventure!

This program is available anywhere, anytime throughout the United States.

Enjoying Birds: A Chat with The Friendly Birder

Have you recently started watching the birds in your backyard or a neighborhood park? Have you added birdwatching and nature groups to your social media, but don’t always know what the other people are talking about? What’s with FOY and lifers and eBird? How do you learn to recognize bird songs? How do birds migrate? How do birds find the right kind of food? You have a lot of questions — and this program is specially for you!

Nancy Grant, The Friendly Birder, begins this presentation with a short overview of the many different ways to enjoy birds, either watching, listening, taking photographs, making sketches, or perhaps joining a citizen science project. If you want to know more about the lives of birds, but aren’t sure what to do to expand your enjoyment, this fun and practical talk will help. After the introduction, the main portion of this program features questions from the audience, with Nancy answering right on the spot. It really is a friendly conversation!

*All Photos by Nancy Grant unless otherwise credited.

Birds on the Move: How Do Birds Migrate?

Have you ever wondered how a bird knows when to leave one place and fly to another? How does it navigate to a place for the summer and then a different place for the winter?

In this presentation you’ll find out what senses and skills birds use for their long-distance lifestyles, and how scientists are continuing to make new discoveries about their activities before, during, and after migration. You’ll find out about traditional pathways and stopovers, the effects of weather, and much more in this look at what’s going on in the sky above and the habitats below in spring and fall.

For more information, please call Nancy at (502) 641-9614.