Asking the Right Questions…

How does that work? What’s new, what’s different? Why is that important?

That’s how my career as a freelance journalist began in 1986. I started with magazine articles, exploring new places, interviewing people, researching facts and analyzing information, asking questions and providing answers to help readers understand new ideas. Then I added photography to the mix, then books, then public speaking.

My studies as a field naturalist began with questions, too. What’s the name of that bird, flower, butterfly, tree, beetle, moth? Discovering the answers then leads to more questions. Why is it here? What’s it doing? How does it live?

Every day brings fresh questions, and I enjoy sharing the answers across multiple media platforms, from traditional print to electronic and social media to in-person appearances.

I invite you to click on the tabs above to find out more about my work as a journalist and as a field naturalist.

Thank you!

*All photos by Nancy Grant unless otherwise credited.