Speaking and Workshops

As a public speaker and workshop leader, Nancy Grant works carefully with her clients to customize presentations that will meet - and exceed - the expectations of the audience.

Grant’s speaking activities focus on three key areas:

     • Energy and the environment
     • Non-fiction writing
     • Civic involvement

Grant does not advocate a particular political party’s platform or interest group’s
plan for action. Her speeches are non-partisan and suitable for all audiences.

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Question - and - answer sessions, book signings, and other activities
may be added to any program.

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Nancy Grant is now booking engagements for 2015 and 2016.
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"Green Energy Reality Check”
           A keynote speech
Where do we really want to go –and how are we going to get there?

Grant says, “Today’s consumers, investors, and taxpayers hear a lot of quick slogans about energy. But we have difficult and expensive decisions to make about things that are a lot more complicated than a bumper sticker. Each new proposal would have far-reaching effects on our daily lives, our nation’s infrastructure –and our wallets. What kind of energy future do we really want?”

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Greenwashing Alert”
   A keynote speech or breakout session
What do you need to know to “go green” in your business?

Grant says, “In today’s competitive marketplace, a greener image must be supported by real actions. Many business owners want to change their energy use patterns and operate in more sustainable ways. But how do you begin? Where do you find the money for changes? How can you spot an energy scam artist? How do you avoid the 'greenwashing' label?”

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7 Steps to a New Energy Future”
               A keynote speech
How can new energy technologies help protect the natural world?

Grant says, “Technological innovations, many never even dreamed of when Congress passed the first Clean Air Act in 1963, have changed the words on paper in dozens of laws passed since then into measurable reductions of many kinds of pollution. Today, engineers, chemists, and physicists are developing new systems that could dramatically change the ways we produce and use energy. Seven key technologies look promising. What can each one do? How long will it take to see results?”

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Why Bother to Read and Write?”
       Special motivational speech
              or keynote address
Literacy, freedom of the press, and active civic involvement are the cornerstones of democracy

Grant says, “Human beings are unique among all living things. We can use the symbols of written language to learn about the people and events of the past, prepare for today’s activities, and create dreams for tomorrow, all across the physical boundaries of time and space. But calls for censorship and the growing problem of aliteracy – people who know how to read but choose not to – plus changes in the publishing industry make the 21st century a turning point in the expansion of democracy. What can one person do?”

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Better Business Writing”
       A practical workshop
Learn how to save time and improve the content of letters, e-mails, websites, presentations, and reports.

Grant says, “Words are as important as numbers in the business world. Being able to write quickly and clearly is a valuable skill - and it’s much easier when you have a plan. The tips and techniques in this workshop will help you learn how to make writing an enjoyable part of your journey to financial success.”

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Writing Backwards”
       A practical workshop
      for communications professionals
Learn how to reduce stress and meet deadlines consistently through better time management.

Grant says, “No tricky yoga positions or double mirrors here - but you will learn how to stretch your mind in new ways with a calendar and colorful markers. I’m not selling office supplies, but I will show you practical strategies that work with the things you already have on your desk. Learn how to set up appropriate time blocks for any size project, then efficiently plan and organize your interviews and research, outline your manuscript, then write text - and still have ample time to edit and re-write without unnecessary pressure.”

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Has Boots, Does Travel”
     A humorous talk for all audiences
Enjoy a look at the working life of a freelance journalist. The road to success requires proper footwear –and Nancy Grant has the boot and shoe wardrobe to prove it.

Grant says, “Steel toe work boots, waterproof Wellies, leather cowboy boots, insulated hiking books, elegant high-heeled suede boots – when I started freelancing in 1986 I had no idea I’d spend as much money on footwear as I do on pens and notebooks. The realities of earning a living as a journalist and author often take me far from my cozy office. Over the years I’ve learned that a reliable voice recorder and camera aren’t the only essentials –what’s on my feet is important, too.”

For aspiring writers attending weekend journalism seminars and workshops, Grant adds practical tips about meeting editors, doing research, conducting interviews, and crafting marketable manuscripts.

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