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Nancy Grant presents text in an informative, conversational style with carefully selected quotes and provides sidebars and photos where appropriate.

Grant’s subject areas of expertise include:

• Energy and the electric power system
• Energy efficiency and
      sustainable practices
• The cooperative business model
• Agriculture and livestock
• Rural economies and  communities
• Music and the performing arts

Grant also accepts assignments on topics of general interest.

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Energy and the electric power system
energy technology • energy policy
power generation, transmission & distribution • energy supply & demand
• reliability • global access
• international trends

Grant writes the monthly “Future of Electricity” column (since 2002) for Kentucky Living magazine, published
by the Kentucky Association of Electric Cooperatives. Other electric co-op publications and the NRECA occasionally reprint single columns. Click here to read recent columns on the Portfolio page.

Energy efficiency and sustainable practices
renewable portfolio standards •smart grid
the carbon cycle • removing barriers to energy efficiency • consumer behavior

Grant is the author of The Pocket Idiot’s Guide to Your Carbon Footprint in the popular series from Penguin Books. Click here to read more on the Books page.

Click here to read about Grant’s energy speeches and workshops.

The cooperative business model
cooperative principles in action
member-to-member communications
in-depth coverage of rural electric co-ops

Grant writes for individual co-ops, statewide co-op associations, and national co-operative publications in all sectors. Grant is a member of the Cooperative Communicators Association.

Agriculture and livestock
sustainable farm and ranch operations
soil and water conservation
u-pick farms • agri-tourism
biofuels production • farmers’ markets

Grant’s previous career experience in bookkeeping, accounting, and money management gives her an edge when examining the financial impacts of on-the-farm decisions.

Rural economies and communities
leadership development
land use issues • population trends
county and state fairs
rural/urban initiatives
extension service programs

Grant frequently visits small towns and working farms throughout the region. Grant lives with her family at Pointe of View Farm, in an area where productive land meets suburban development.

Music and the performing arts
jazz • marching bands• brass bands
wind bands • symphonies
musical theater • pit orchestras • ballet
musical instrument construction

Grant writes about the practical side of the performing arts, especially behind-the-scenes profiles. Grant is a former president of the Louisville Jazz Society and is involved in volunteer programs that support and encourage music education.

Grant does not review live performances, CDs, theatrical movies, or DVDs.

General interest
travel • volunteerism • horses
fine craftsmanship
archeology • nature • history
science and math education
butterfly gardening • weathe

Grant says, “I’ve covered an amazing array of topics as a freelancer. The subject matter changes, but certain themes recur: individuals who are committed to excellence, the joy of creativity and success, the value of working together to solve problems. The people I meet tell me the most interesting stories.”



Grant writes material in many lengths:

• News items and mini-features
• Blog posts, essays, and
      first person narratives
• Columns
• Features and cover stories
• Special reports
• In-depth explorations

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Grant’s published clip file contains more than 250 items. To read selected writing samples of various lengths across a wide range of subject areas, please scroll down for links to publicly accessible websites and archived materials. Simply click the read button next to a title to see the material.

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News items and mini-features

Acoustic in Australia: Shades of a promising past

Living history

How much can you save?

Connecting with nature at Laurel Gorge

Blog posts, essays and
first person narratives

Who will write our new energy laws?

Postcard from a dig

The jazz bookshelf: The thrill of the hunt, in-store and online

Features and cover stories

Co-ops growing greener

A gold star for energy savings

21st century farming

Biofuels byways


Power price puzzle

A smarter power grid

A whole new light

Special reports

Green Report 2010 for Valley Natural Foods Co-op

In-depth explorations

Vladimir Ashkenazy:
The lifelong process of music

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